Are you one of those people who believe that the ladies always prefer to have sex with individuals having a large cock? It is an old debate that is still going strong for the past few decades. You need to keep one thing in mind that a bigger penis doesn’t always mean better. However, it doesn’t mean that women prefer tiny dicks at all.

In this post, we will try to address this situation about whether Goa Escorts women like bigger dicks or not? Stick with us until for ensuring that nothing important gets missed.

Choice varies from one woman to another!

The thing that you need to understand is choice regarding cock size isn’t the same among the women. Some prefer to have a medium size dick with little bit plush, whereas others prefer the ones that are girthy in construction and give deep throat at a perfect angle. The thing that we want to mention here is one size doesn’t every woman.

Indeed, you can easily find women who like to enjoy bigger dicks. But, it’s not everyone’s cups of tea as the choices of women always stay varied.

What penis size do ladies prefer?

Well, this one is a pretty interesting question that we are sure all of our readers want to know. Most of the women prefer dicks that are more than 6 inches and less than 8 inches. It means that the guys with cocks less than 6 inches need to be concerned a little bit. However, there are many other ways using which one can satisfy their Goa call girls like stamina and foreplay activities.

Apart from length, the women also have a certain preference regarding the thickness of the cocks. According to the recent research, the thickness should be at least 2 inches if you are really up to hit the vagina of your babe hardly. Another interesting thing revealed by this study is women do love a little bit upward curve in the dick as it hits directly to the sensual part.


So, what do you think now? Do all women like to have a big dick? The answer isn’t that simple as every woman has a different taste and choice when it comes to the size of cocks. It’s all about finding what kind of babe your partner is. If you succeed in finding it, then there is a full possibility that she will get pleased irrespective of what size of penis you have.