My First Experience With An Escort Lady!

I have spent time with escorts of many different nations until now, but none of them can match the satisfaction & thrill of the first time. There is a great variety of reasons that it will always stay in my heart. I won’t be able to forget this time ever in my life. Moreover, it always put a smile on my face whenever I thought of that time.

I am working as a marketing head of an MNC in Gurgaon, so it was quite common to visit various Indian cities for meetings. This incident was of Mumbai when my meeting got postponed for two days. At that time, I had nothing to do other than watching TV in my hotel room.

I was browsing the internet & saw an escort agency advertisement that had an impressive collection of girls. I made a mind & call to their representatives who further explain price & send more pictures of girls for whom I was interested. After that, I selected one of the girls from the photos they sent to me.

The same girl knocked on the door of my room in a little bit more than 1 hour. She was wearing a very sexy black dress that boosts her personality to a great extent. We talked for 15-20 minutes & then I ordered drinks. The reason for drinks was to have courage as I was feeling nervous due to my first time.

Once we get comfortable, she sits on my lap & started kissing me hard. Despite being feeling a little bit awkward, I started to respond & continue involving in the experience. After that, things become pretty amazing & we started feeling each other. She completely surprised me with the surprise with the help of many different techniques.

This girl performs things that I haven’t even watched in adult movies. Her sucking ability was tremendous & let me experience something unique. On top of that, the social pressure that she put on my tool allows me to reach the highest level of pleasure.

To sum up, I can say that she was a very nice lady who gives you amazing sensations to experience. This experience gives me the most cheerful memories of the life that I can never forget in life. If you are looking to experience something amazing & different, then I strongly suggest everyone experience escort services at least once in their life for sure.