Some Sex Advice With Gay Men

Are you looking to try something new with your gay partner, but didn’t succeed in finding one? We understand that everyone gets bored by doing the same things in the romantic sessions. That’s why there is always a need for spicing up things & making it interesting. We often received requests from gay couples regarding sex bits of advice.

In this post, we are going to help those people by providing the best sex advice for gay men. Check out the complete post & follow the tips for having a brilliant experience.

  1. Squeezing hole

A great way to boost up the pleasure level is by squeezing up the hole of your butt during penetration. There will be a great sort of pressure created inside the ass that will be very good to feel for both.

  2. Keeping hand busier

A great number of people don’t use hands too much during the completely wrong penetration session. For making things better, the hands should always be busy in certain activities like holding each other’s hands, touching the partner’s chest, etc. There are numerous things that one can do with the help of hands.

  3. Sex Toys

Another amazing option for adding the perfect spice in your sensual sessions is sex toys. They are available in many different versions and sizes for accommodating the needs of various people. It can be using a wand for intense stimulation or a heavy-duty butt plug. The choices are endless, and you can choose whatever fulfills your needs.

  4. Changing Locations

No matter you are only a newbie or doing gay sex for a long time, a change in location will always be a grateful thing to experience. Doing it again and again in the same bedroom won’t do any favors & make things boring. Instead, try taking things to other locations like dining table, outdoors, balcony, or whatever place suits you.

  5. Increasing Foreplay time

The next best thing that you can do is doubling the foreplay time before penetration. Going straight to the business can affect the quality of a sexual session for sure. Double your foreplay time & you will see a significant improvement in the sexual intercourse for sure.


We have only mentioned a few of the excellent ways available for making things better on the bed. Our team believes that this sex advice will work wonderfully for gay couples.