Top 5 Halloween Date Ideas

Halloween is considered one of the most exciting times that comes only once in a year. Do you plan something exciting for your loved ones on this occasion? If yes, then this post needs your attention as we are going to tell about the top 5 Halloween date ideas in detail. Check out all of them & choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Creating a haunted house

What will be the better way to enjoy a Halloween date other than setting up a haunted house in an apartment? Make sure that the final place goes to the bedroom. Many of you might be thinking that it is very scary for your girl, but think what will be the level of excitement when she hugs you in fear.

Let your crush navigating through the scary maze where you can reward her with a sweet kiss. Moreover, a Halloween role play will be a terrific idea to make.

  2. Watching a scary movie at late night

Trust us; it is a terrific idea that you can make for getting close to each other. There is a great variety of spooky movies available on the internet as well as theater. If you want to make things extra scarier, then watching movies in a theater late night is a better idea.

Some of the major ones that are releasing this year, including Zombieland 2, IT 2, The Joker, and many more. There are even special showings of horror movies in theatres these days.

  3. Play a game with Ouija Board

There is a full possibility that you have heard about Ouija board stories many times from your grandparents. It is considered a pathway to bring demons from a different world. You might even think that these bad souls will attach to your body & stay forever.

For your relief, none of them is a reality at all. In fact, Ouija is very fun to play, especially if you are a couple. It is highly guaranteed that you will thank us for this idea.

  4. Halloween Cookies

The next amazing idea that we have in store is for the people who love food. Moreover, it is widely considered that the road to the man’s heart goes through the stomach. So, cooking some cookies in the shape of a horror creature will be a great thing to do. You can also think about cooking any food of your choice, but it should be scary for sure.

  5. Halloween Costume Contest

Pick some horror costumes from the store & create a scary atmosphere. Do the same thing for your partner & tell them to dress in it. There will be an energetic atmosphere created due to these terrific dresses. It is also guaranteed that your crush is going to love this amazing idea.


Which one of these ideas are you going to try for the upcoming Halloween? Each one is unique and amazing enough to make your date memorable.